Friday, November 28, 2008

Grey Flannel Stuart Weitzman BOUFFANT (photo)

Grey Flannel Stuart Weitzman, originally uploaded by Anything!.

Stuart Weitzman 'Bouffant'

with black satin ribbon and kitten heels. Gorgeous. The shoes I'd love for Christmas.

Keywords: designer shoes, christmas shoes in gray, flannel shoes, Beverly Hills shoes.

New Mark Nasons boots (photo)

New Mark Nasons, originally uploaded by Skaines.

Some FINE looking boots!

My New Uggs: Tattooed with a Cupcake! (photo)

How cute are these beige Ugg boots with the image. Very cool! And unique!

Now these would be the best Christmas Shoes, make that Christmas Boots ever!!

Photo note:

so I went over to the table and met the artist Phill...Nordstrom's commissioned him to customize the UGGs they sell. Phill sometimes sits in the Nordstrom shoe department for seven or eight hours. He uses Prisma Color pens, up to twelve takes him 30 minutes to two hours to decorate a pair of boots, depending on the design. And, he's very cute!
52 cupcakes

Uggs in Los Angeles

Uggs on the phone, originally uploaded by Malingering.

Love these Uggs ...while she talks on the phone in California. Very cute and so warm!

Monday, November 24, 2008

steve madden neon flats (photo)

steve madden neon, originally uploaded by Dakota Debonaire.

So 1980's. So spring. Here's some sunshine for those of you in rainy or cold states.

Steve Madden at Dillards

Steve Madden at Dillards, originally uploaded by Moncita.

I always wondered what he looked like!

Photo note:

We didn't know Steven Madden, shoe designer, would be at Dillards that day. There was music blasting and a long line of people hoping to win a pair of shoes. Lots of excitement all around!

Steve madden with locks! Heels with locks (photo)

Steve madden with locks!, originally uploaded by pigtailstootight.

CHeck out these Steve Madden high heels (wooden high heels it looks like) and the locks.

Here's the photo note:

I mentioned in someones comments about these shoes (they had them too) and how I put little locks in them from my luggage. Really now, the locks are just a completely necessary statement with these, don't you think? I often wonder about adding one on the toe strap too, but that seems a bit much, sometimes being a but subtle is the key.

J Crew Mary Janes Shoes (photo)

J Crew Mary Janes, originally uploaded by pigtailstootight.

Photo note:

These are another one of my favorites. These Mary Janes from JCrew are made of really nice leather and they have roller buckles so it's really easy to put 'em on and strap in!

Vintage Mary Janes

IMG_7287, originally uploaded by pigtailstootight.

Photo note:

Really, really, really really wanted to photograph these shoes with yellow socks. After going to three different stores today I was sadly to discover that apparently bright yellow socks do not exist anywhere near here. So I settled for these nifty salmon socks. I hate the grey heels in them and the fact that it shows sometimes but what's a girl to do? The shoes are vintage chunky mary janes by Mix It which I'm pretty sure is JC Pennys brand - at least, that's where I bought them 11 whole years ago! I love them, and I will never give them up, and I've worn them a lot more than they show, which I guess is a good thing.

LEI Mary Jane Clogs (photo)

LEI Mary Jane Clogs, originally uploaded by pigtailstootight.

Photo note:

Just thrifted these for $1.50 yesterday, and they're brad new and I think they're so cute..they're my favorites..this week anyway

Hippy Clogs with Flowers (photo)

Hippy Clogs 3, originally uploaded by pigtailstootight.

Photo note:

And yes, the little red stockers with the size on them are still stuck in the heels, and I always think I should peel them out of there (I've had these for several years) but then I always think "I wonder how much longer they will last"

Giant Steve Madden Black Clogs (photo)

Giant Steve Madden Clogs, originally uploaded by pigtailstootight.

Love the argyle socks!

photo note:

Yes, these are my giant Steve Madden clogs. A few years out of date these days, but they're still comfy and funky, so I wear 'em. Sorry, but you're going to be seeing me in socks for a long time yet-at least until I can get rid of the stupid bootie sock tan lines I got last year that are STILL THERE

keywords Steve Madden shoes, steve maddin shoes

Monday, November 10, 2008

Christian Louboutin snakeskin style silver stilettos

Look for the red sole underneath, signature of Christian Louboutin.

Photographer writes:
Christian Louboutin for The Moda Lisboa Oct 2008 a francisco huguenin uhlfelder photography

christian_louboutin Gold shoes from London (photo)

christian_louboutin_gold_sp, originally uploaded by london.girl88.

Christian Louboutin Very high stiletto (seriously, these could kill someone-- I would be on my butt in these) but I'd be nicely dressed.

Gold with 4 (FOUR!) gold straps, platform in the front so not to have too much of an angle. Metallic gold all over.

Heel like a weapon!

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Louboutin Patent Peep-toes and link stockings twist

Christian Louboutin shoes with some geometric nylons (diamonds)

black heels with toe cleavage.

White Sex in the City Christian Louboutin heels (photo)

pink polka dot ruffled cocktail dress by Balenciaga under a pink trimmed waist-cinching coat by Christian LaCroix. Sadly, she steps in French dog poo in her white Christian Louboutin stilettos.

Here's Carrie in her CHristian Louboutin shoes, the only way to shop.

Christian louboutin Wedding Shoes (photo)

louboutin, originally uploaded by bellinter house.

WOW! Now this would be a way to treat yourself as a bride, white Christian Louboutin stiletto wedding heels! A perfect white bow, they look fantastic and of course, that signature splash of red on the sole.

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White Marc Jacobs shoes (photos)

My new Marc Jacobs shoes, originally uploaded by nikiya2789.

White marc jacob shoes with open toe, small heel, lots of letters in white & black in the in-sole.

photos of shoes, Marc Jacob shoes, marc jacob pumps, mark jacob heels.

Irregular Choice black pump small heels shoes (photo)

Dreams do come true, originally uploaded by _alia.

Found at Nordstrom. Darling!

Nordstrom shoes (I *heart* JC)

20050617_sf trip, originally uploaded by Perfecto Insecto.

I love JC shoes at nordstrom, clunky heels in pink and blue.

Anne Klein brown leather riding boots (photo)

Oct. 8, originally uploaded by Jean C'est Quoi.

what every stylish woman needs for fall-- Riding boots. Nordstrom also has fantastic classic riding boots in black and brown.

In case you're interested, here's the entire outfit--

silk dress in shades of purpley slate, teal and yellow by Mint (my first ever sample sale purchase in NYC, two years ago)
-mauve ruched cami (underneath) from Nordstrom
-black tights from H&M
-brown leather riding boots by Anne Klein, remixed
-olive merino fingerless mitts by Marc by Marc Jacobs, gift and remixed

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laura Pucci shoes (photo)

chanel 1, originally uploaded by ClaudiaCD.

Made in Italy pointy grey heels with strap by Laura Pucci

Kate Spade Rose mules shoes (photo)

Kate Spade Rose on close, originally uploaded by PrincessPoochie.

rose image on the top of these kitten heel mules by Kate Spade. Blue with red and pink.

Keywords: Kate Spade mules, kate spade kitten heels, kate spade mule shoes

Crazy wood Shoes Roberto Cavalli platform heels.

Shoes Roberto Cavalli, originally uploaded by Cespetitsriens.

Roberto Cavalli Silver Heels Shoes (photo)

Roberto_Cavalli_Shoes, originally uploaded by Guuh Green.

These ae almost a piece of artwork with their silver detail, they look like stained glass.

Cavalli shoes, cavali heels, stilettos, stilletos, stilettoes, stilettoes

Cavalli Leopard Print Heel Shoes (photo)

My Cavalli Shoes, originally uploaded by m_tts.

Cavalli leopard heels

gucci blue suede shoes

gucci blue suede shoes, originally uploaded by *Soup*.

CLassic vintage Gucci loafters with signature band.

Deep burgandy purple Gucci heels shoes (photo)

nov 6, originally uploaded by ammanners.

gucci kitten heels

with metal link on front and pointed

Gucci stiletto heels (photo)

My favorite Gucci shoes, originally uploaded by style.ish.

logo covered gucci stiletto high heels with leather bow and open toe.

Classic gucci shoe.

gucci shoes.



Edgy yet sophisticated with sexy details.

Round-toe patent cap.
Metal-tipped bow-tie shoelace.


Suede sandal with 125mm cork platform heel with ties around the ankle

Heel height: 125mm/5"

Colour: Chocolate

cork sole, long straps to wrap around ankle and calves.


This elegant classic platform sandal with a delicate ankle strap comes in soft suede.

Colour: black.

Stiletto heel with thin strap

Pointy Jimmy Choo Shoes (stiletto heel photo)

Jimmy Choo Shoes, originally uploaded by Madame Ming.

Pink jimmy choo high heels with gold straps, and red elf-like high heel boot jimmy choo shoe boot,

very pointy jimmy choo shoes

Black Christian Dior lace up shoes (photo)

Dior shoes, originally uploaded by kytheria.

Very cute Dior shoes.

keywords: silver dior tag, christian doir shoes, dior flats

Taupe Dior Shoe No. I (photo)

Dior Shoe No. I, originally uploaded by .Page..

beige stiletto Dior high heel shoes.

Gold Dolly Mary Jane shoes with buckle (photo)

Gold Dolly, originally uploaded by Bobbins and Bombshells.

Vintage 1960's MOD Gold lame Mary Janes with round rhinestone buckle. Femme Fatale Vintage.

Vintage Christian Dior Satin Shoes

Vintage 1960's Christian Dior black satin shoes. Femme Fatale Vintage

Martinez Valero Glam & CD Polka Dot Stockings 10

black heels with strap, polka dot tights.

Blue Vivienne Westwood Shoes (photo)

Vivienne Westwood Shoes, originally uploaded by LipglossJunkie.

Platform Vivienne Westwood shoes in Sydney, Australia.

Blue faux platform shoes heels with a blue ribbon bow tie.

Keywords: international designer shoes, blue platform shoes.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Disco Boot with two (FAUX!) goldfish in the clean heel (photo)

Disco Boot, originally uploaded by edgoldstein007.

I had heard about this at Studio 54 in the 70's. Now, here's the cruelty-free version of two plastic goldfish in the heel of the boot.

Aquarium heeled disco boot

white with black zipper and plastic fake fish in the 2 inch heel.

Disco go-go boot.

Silver High Heel Birthday cake (photo)

Gorgeous silver cake sure with a red flower! Stiletto birthday cake! Another favorite shoe cake.

Pink Sugar Shoe and Box Birthday Cake (photo)

Sugar Shoe and Box Cake, originally uploaded by Lots of Sprinkles.

Pink kitten heel with butterfly design on this great birthday cake for shoe lovers!

Photographer writes;

My first attempt at a sugar shoe and the 'shoe box'. I learned alot and although it was easy, it was still hard to get it to look 'perfect'.

This is a cake for my cousin's birthday - Chocolate cherry cake brushed with cherry and cointreu and with chocolate and cherry buttercream.

Rubik's Cube Chuck Taylor's Converse high tops sneakers Birthday Cake

Yes, these shoes are edible! Made from frosting, probably fondant

These Converse tennis shoes are edible! Amazing birthday cake for the tomboy in all of us.

Photographer writes:
Cakes by Chrisanthi (my mum) made for my 21st birthday... shoes out of icing

Keywords: tennis shoes birthday cake, converse shoes birthday cake, shoe cakes, shoes on cake., edible shoes

Shoe box with black high heels birthday cake (photo)

21st birthday shoe box cake, originally uploaded by rozziel.

A lot of people like shoes so much they have a shoe birthday cake designed!

Photographer writes:

21st birthday cake made to llok like a shoe box and heels.

For more information visit


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