Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chanel Stockings (Fall 08) and Two-Tone Mary Jane chunky heel (photo)

These tights are two-tone by Chanel wiht logo adn the shoes also two toned MaryJanes.

Rhinestone diamond dragonfly heels (photo)

New shoes cure the blues, originally uploaded by Rich66..

These are pretty fantastic. I love dragonflies and it gives them such a deco feel, and that light gold color. Wonderful! I'm not sure who makes them though. the only problem!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blue Twilight Converse

Blue Twilight Converse, originally uploaded by ❀LilohLeti❀.

Twilight Shoes Vans (photo)

Twilight Shoes, originally uploaded by ❀LilohLeti❀.

Mrs. Cullen Forever tennis shoes. handpainted, I believe. Awesome!

Twilight Shoes Edward Cullen shoes (photo)

Twilight Shoes, originally uploaded by ❀LilohLeti❀.

Slip canvas Twilight created tennis shoes. Very cool handpainting!

Perfect for your favorite Twilight fan.

Keywords: EC fans, Edward cullin shoes, twilight sneakers


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