Friday, April 18, 2008

Lime and Pink French Sole ballet flats by Kate Winkworth (photo)

Lime and Pink, originally uploaded by Charli™.

Great preppy colors, green and pink ballet flats for 2008!

Black Chanel Sneaker (photo)

SCH005, originally uploaded by carol2liao.

2008 Chanel Tennis shoes

What's New in Beijing for 2008? Ballet flat SHOES (photo)

Beijing, originally uploaded by didoub.

Chanel, Dior, Gucci shoes in the window of a Beijing show.

Classic ballet slippers, notice the CC (Chanel) logs on the two in teh middle.

And the pink flat towards the end,.

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Chanel shoes with Breakfast at Tiffany's movie poster (photo)

Lazy Lex in Chanel shoes, originally uploaded by Philip DiResta.

Fantastic photo of women's legs over a sofa wearing a beautiful classic pair of black and white Chanel heels. A small strap around the ankle and pointy toe.

Keywords: Classic shoes, black and white Chanel stilettos, high heel shoes Channel,

Gucci shoes (strappy heels with ribbon) (PHOTO)

Gucci shoes, originally uploaded by *Hillary&Michael*.

Great shot of a woman in gorgeous Gucci heels with a tie-on ribbon around the ankle and not just peek-a-boo toe, but all the perfectly pedicures toes! You must have nice feet to wear these shoes.

These would be perfect to go with that little black dress or any cocktail party. Fantastic Gucci shoe.

Keywords: strappy sandal heels, ribbon heels,

Gucci Shoes on a Zebra carpet (photo)

Love this photo of Gucci loafers for women on the black and white carpet.

Cute classic slip on loafers. Darling!

Louis Vuitton black sneakers (photo)

LV shoes , originally uploaded by xianglin2.

Photographer writes:

1) Box coming with retro cards
2) Colors: pink, red, violet, blue brand sneakers with small and big sizes
3) We have enjoyed good reputation among our clients
4) Our main markets: the USA, the UK, Italy and other European countries
5) Our shipping time is in seven business days

Keywords: Louie Vuitton, Loius Vuitton, Vuiton, Vuittin, shoes

Gucci Tennis Shoes

Gucci Shoes , originally uploaded by xianglin2.

The Photographer writes:

1) Top quality, reasonable price, safe shipping, and best service
2) Sport shoes for men, women and kids with all sizes available
3) Sport shoes with different colors and styles available in stock

Keywords;: Gucci store, Gucci sneakers, Gucci high-tops, white with the classic red

New Gucci high heel shoes for spring 2005 (photo)

New Gucci shoes for spring, originally uploaded by Esme_Vos.

Even though these were from 2005, they still gorgeous pumps.

Photographer (shoe owner) writes:

From the Gucci 2005 Cruise collection. The bags were even prettier (in the same fabric) but you can't wear the bag and the shoe together - it's overkill. I got these shoes at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Houston Galleria, a great place to shop.

Keywords: women's shoes, gucci heels, dress shoes, spring collections,

Men's Gucci Loafers black (photo)

Very Shiny Gucci Loafers, originally uploaded by dr_adidas01.

Black Gucci Loafers, shiny, men's shoes

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kate Spade Pink Snakeskin Balley slippers (photo)

Kate Spade, originally uploaded by kaosotep.

Great new shoe from Kate Spade. Ballet flats with a pink and brown snakeskin texture.

Small silver bows and silver details.

Good shoes to make your feet look small. Thank you Kate Spade.

Keywords; Kate Spade shoes, ballet flats, pink shoes, snakeskin, designer shoes

kate spade blue polka dot slip on heels (photo)

kate green, originally uploaded by charsuede.

These are from 2005, Kate Spade shoes that are green with blue polka dots with green bow. Actually, the color is turquoise if I'm being more exact.

Great mule with a heel. I want to wrap these up and give them out as thank you gifts they're so cute.

Kate Spade Luggage Stripe Slides (photo)

Kate Spade Luggage Stripe Slides, originally uploaded by jen14221.

These are the most darling pink, brown, white, orange Kate Spade Slip on Sandals.

I love them! Would look fantastic with some khaki capris!

Kate Spade Fluer Print Mules w/ a kitten heel (photo)

Great story from the photographer (and once owner) of these darling Kate Spade Shoes--

These are the Kate Spade Fleur mule heels that I first fell in love with about five years ago. In May 2001, I spent hours searching for these to wear at my wedding. My wedding dress was off-white and not too fancy so I wanted to liven things up with a cute and fun shoe underneath all that taffeta. Unfortunately, back then these shoes were (1) impossible to find and (2) $300 if you could find them at all. And I refused to pay $300 for a pair of shoes.

So I bought a nice ivory mule at Lord and Taylor and made do. But I never forgot about the Kate Spade shoes. And now they are mine. And I have no where to wear them.

I found these on eBay in May 2005 and was the high bidder at $32.99. Yes, that's right ....$33 bucks.

Too bad they did not fit. Size 9 in Kate Spade mules seem to run small.

So I sold them on eBay. For almost $100. That's right.

So Lesson on Kate Spade Mules--

THEY RUN SMALL! By a size or 1/2 bigger!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sexy Pink Stilettos Shoes (Photo)

Sexy Shoes, originally uploaded by pierresilber.

Here's a gorgeous pair of PINK stilletos! Love the pointed tip and the high heel. Made by Pierre Silber. Beautiful shoes! More info on where to get your own pair of hot pink stilettos below--

Photographer writes:
Pierre Silber - High Heels - Sexy Shoes: Find these high heels and hundreds more at Pierre

Pierre Silber has over 4000 products including sexy shoes, high heels, lingerie, and sexy halloween costumes.

Sexy Strappy Silver Shoes by Guess (photo)

Here's a pair of strappy high heel stiletto shoes by GUESS? shoes.

If you're shoe crazy, here's your shoe (let's not even go into the foot fetish thing). These are fantastic shoes, great for any party.

Also, great deep copper toenail polish. Something to think about when you dress up your feet. A good pedicure and nail polish is a necessity!

Keywords: high heels, shoes, women's shoes, women's feet, GUESS shoes

Christian Louboutin Red & Gold Rhinestone Pumps

From the Icons of Elegance: Influential Shoe Designers of the 20th Century exhibit at The Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto.

Yes, Christian Louboutin are the shoes Oprah Winfrey wears on her show OPRAH, the red sole shoes. (Though she wears a more classic pump or stiletto) these are incredible ornate shoes shown in a museum.

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Christian Louboutin Red Sole Shoes (photo)

Shoes, originally uploaded by J. F..

So, you've been watching Oprah and you see Oprah Winfrey in her red soled shoes and you wonder who made those shoes?

They are be shoe designer Christian Louboutin of Paris.

They are pricy shoes, I've seen them as low as $450 for a pair of strappy sandels with a small heel at Nordstrom and up to thousand of dollars for some sexy stilettos.

What makes them unique is the red sole on the high heel shoe, that is the *soul* of the shoe, if you will.

It was created by accident, from what I heard. It wasn't an intentional design, but something happened. I think he or a model applied red nail polish on a whim.

He has been quoted in USA Today (because other designers are now copying his red sole shoes):

"The shiny red colour of the soles has no function other than to identify to the public that the shoes are mine," Louboutin told the US Trademark Office, according to reports this weekend. "It attracts men to the women who wear my shoes."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to Care for Patent Leather Shoes

To care for Patent Leather shoes (or paten leather as some call them), you can do two things, you can buy the special patent leather cleaners OR use these items in your home to clean and brighten your patent leather shoes!


The main trick to caring for your shoes is to do a test patch on your shoe just to make sure it doesn't damage it. True patent leather shoes should not be damaged by these suggested ways below, but since we don't know what you have in your closet, do yourself a favor and try a test patch first!

Start with mineral oil. It's usually the number 1 ingredient in patent leather shoe cleaners. Dab just a dot on your shoe and mineral oil in a place that doesn't show very much (I suggest near the back of the shoe or by the heel). We're doing this to make sure that the mineral oil doesn't alter the color of the shoe and honestly, it shouldn't do any damage, just make it shine!

Take clean soft cloth (I suggest a shammy or any of those wonderful hotel facecloths) and add just a dab of mineral oil to it.

If you have a scuff mark on your shoe, rub your shoe with lightly until the scuff marks disappear. Once your shoe is clean from scuffs, use a fresh clean soft cloth to buff your shoes. This will make them shine.

If you don't have mineral oil in your home, you can try these as second alternatives --petroleum jelly, acetone free nail polish remover, or vegetable oil to rid you of scuff marks.

To keep your shoes bright and shiny use white vinegar. Again, spot test a place on your shoe to make sure it works.


Jimmy Choo Silver Buckle shoes (photo)

Buckle - ABC Challenge
Originally uploaded by lutonian
Lovely silver buckle sandal Jimmy Choo heels.

If you love high heels, find yourself a pair of Jimmy Choos. A little glamour, a lot of fun.

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Jimmy Choo black stiletto boot (photo)

Jimmy Choo
Originally uploaded by Mr Mitch
Fantastic patent leather Jimmy Choo boot Bond Street.

Keywords: shiny black boots, Jimmy Chu boots, stiletto boots, paten leather boots

Jimmy Choo Birthday Shoe Cake (photo)

Jimmy Choo Birthday Shoe Cake
Originally uploaded by knox_cop
Best birthday cake ever!

Photographer wrote:

"13x9 vanilla butter cake with buttercream frosting, gumpaste rolled roses and a "Jimmy Choo" shoe. For a good friend's birthday. She's always wanted a pair of Jimmy's! "

Great birthday cake for your favorite shoecrazy gal. Have your shoes and eat them too.

Jimmy Choo Metallic Python Shoe 2008

Jimmy Choo Metallic Python Shoe
Originally uploaded by ShoeLaLa
Currently for sale on the Jimmy Choo website:

Fantastic gorgeous gold stiletto pump. Love the scales and textures fo this shoe.

Keywords: Jimmy Choo shoes, Jimmy Chu shoes, Metallic pumps, gold stilletos, stillettos, chic shoes, stylish shoes

Black Stiletto Pumps on the Streets of NY

stiletto pumps
Originally uploaded by visual streets
Love the taxicab in this photo.


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