Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to Care for Patent Leather Shoes

To care for Patent Leather shoes (or paten leather as some call them), you can do two things, you can buy the special patent leather cleaners OR use these items in your home to clean and brighten your patent leather shoes!


The main trick to caring for your shoes is to do a test patch on your shoe just to make sure it doesn't damage it. True patent leather shoes should not be damaged by these suggested ways below, but since we don't know what you have in your closet, do yourself a favor and try a test patch first!

Start with mineral oil. It's usually the number 1 ingredient in patent leather shoe cleaners. Dab just a dot on your shoe and mineral oil in a place that doesn't show very much (I suggest near the back of the shoe or by the heel). We're doing this to make sure that the mineral oil doesn't alter the color of the shoe and honestly, it shouldn't do any damage, just make it shine!

Take clean soft cloth (I suggest a shammy or any of those wonderful hotel facecloths) and add just a dab of mineral oil to it.

If you have a scuff mark on your shoe, rub your shoe with lightly until the scuff marks disappear. Once your shoe is clean from scuffs, use a fresh clean soft cloth to buff your shoes. This will make them shine.

If you don't have mineral oil in your home, you can try these as second alternatives --petroleum jelly, acetone free nail polish remover, or vegetable oil to rid you of scuff marks.

To keep your shoes bright and shiny use white vinegar. Again, spot test a place on your shoe to make sure it works.

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