Thursday, December 17, 2009

Make Your own High Heel Stiletto ornament!

I thought these were real shoes when I first saw them! But no, they are paper shoes.

Here's the photo note with the website to learn to make them---

Finally, here is a tutorial of a simple paper and ribbon high heel ornament. It was meant to be uploaded for Xmas but I hope some of you still can enjoy.

For the tutorial video, please go to, select "tutorials/videos" and then the shoe button.

Carlos N.


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Monday, September 28, 2009

Kate Lanphear's Studded Louboutins, Marc by Marc Jacobs Show

New for Fall 2009--
Christian Louboutin stilettos black with silver studs.

Watch out for city grates if you wear these! My sister broke her ankle in hers. But she looked so hot when she fell.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ed Hardy tattoo shoes With Skulls, Dice and Tiger

Ed Hardy tattoo shoes, originally uploaded by zippythesimshead.

Ed Hardy high top tennis shoes with 8-ball, skulls, dice, tiger, rose, etc.

Keywords: ed hardy shoes, ed hardy sneakers, ed hardy tattoo shoes

How cute are these shoes! Cute Japanese-inspired flip-flops

Japonica shoes

Keywords: japanese-inspired shoes, japan, barclay, japonicashoes

Monday, September 21, 2009

Faux Ugg Boots at Target $24.99 (photo)

Boots 2, originally uploaded by LolaGeek.

For those of you who love Uggs this time of year, but can't afford the price, Target has a pretty comfy knock-off Ugg Boot in stock right now. They come in tan /light brown or light gray.

They also have little kids sizes (as much as I love my daughter, I'm not buying an 8 year old a pair of uggs), so these make a great alternative. And they are super soft and fuzzy on the inside. They are currently in stock in Target (Sept, Oct, Nov, maybe December? 2009).

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sex and the City 2: The accessories of Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City 2: The accessories of Carrie Bradshaw

from this article The shoes, the Gino Round Toe T-Strap, feature a black patent toe, yellow and gold side straps, and a yellow T-strap and ankle buckle. Of course, the signature red sole can be seen on the heel. Although similar color combinations of the Gino have been available in the past, the ones shown on Carrie are possibly a look at what's to come from Louboutin.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marc Jacobs rubber boots,

black rubber boots- a little spendy at $150, but there you go. Let the rain begin...

Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather boots

This should be called Boot Crazy.

I'm crazy for boots once fall rolls around! And love this with the wool pea coat!

This autumn, give black the boot

This autumn, give black the boot

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The Wedding Shoe

The Wedding Shoe, originally uploaded by DianaLBrks.

I don't know who makes these, but I love them!

beaded slip on wedding shoe

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Christian Louboutin purple twill 'Brigitte' ankle-tie espadrilles

Christian Louboutin purple twill 'Brigitte' ankle-tie espadrilles

I was absolutely shocked to learn that Christian Louboutin sold espadrilles this year. As a teen, these were our $2 shoes we'd buy in many colors because when they got wet, they had to be thrown out as they smelled so bad. But they were so cheap and so easy and so cute.

I'm just not what I think about Louboutin creating some. I mean, it's obviously his right to do it, but 1) do they have the red heel? And 2) if you buy them, it is because you must always have the best and have everything designer? I guess that's my question. I think the cheapo version of these would be adequate, but maybe I'm wrong.

Jimmy Choo Blue suede 'Lexy' slingbacks

Jimmy Choo Shoes, originally uploaded by sophiemarie_cap.

colbat blue with thick heel

Jimmy Choo Amazing Multi-Strap Sandals (PHOTO)

Jimmy Choo Shoes, originally uploaded by sophiemarie_cap.

In a metallic pink

Jimmy Choo Shoes "Lumiere" Patent d'Orsay Pumps

Jimmy Choo Shoes, originally uploaded by sophiemarie_cap.

Jimmy Choo stilettos in fuschia pink!

Jimmy Choo Ad featuring Heather Marks

Jimmy Choo, originally uploaded by Rachel_2007.

red gingham sneakers with Cherry tattoo

New shoes, originally uploaded by she.likes.cute.

Red check tennis shoes, very cute. Wish I knew who made them

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall 2009 thigh-high embroidered boots Fendi

Wow, check these FENDI boots out for fall. Great detail... amazing!

I'd probably fall on my face in these, but I guess I'd look stylish lying on the sidewalk.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Kate Spade Zebra Mule (photo)

I'm thinking about patterns on shoes these days.

here's a cute pair of mules by Kate Spade with a heel.

Keywords: Kate Spade Joan mule zebra shoe, Cate Spade

Marc Jacob Tan stilettos with circles (photo)

how cute and artsy are these?

love the geometric shapes. and the little bow.

Cute shoes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prada Orange Loafers (photo)

Prada Orange Loafers, originally uploaded by terrifictom.

Love these preppy orange (though they look pink to me) Prada penny loafers. Or maybe, they're dime loafers.

Too cute and a nice way to jazz up a basic fall outfit.

Keywords: Prada loafers, Prada flats, Prada shoes

It's getting to be boot season!

Uggs, originally uploaded by Hangar 73:.

bring on the Uggs!

Ugly Pucci Boots

ugly pucci shoes, originally uploaded by guammie.

I had to post these, the woman trying them on also thought they were not flattering, so I have no problem posting them here.

here's her photo note:

ana trying one of the shoes up for the world's most ugliest shoe award...they looked like clown boots...and it was like a giant stretchy sock over the entire shoe...


They reminded me of something Goldie Hawn would wear on Laugh-in. Of course, I'm sure the right person could make them work... could they?! ;-)

Two Tone Chanel Stilettos (photo)

Chanel, originally uploaded by Lucyann Barry.

Black & beige Chanel stilettos with CC logo on the back.

Chanel heels

Chanel heels with logo on the back in gold (photo)

, originally uploaded by Lizzy....O_O.

These are surprisingly cute with jeans!

Chanel Chicago Flats (photo)

Chanel Chicago, originally uploaded by jetsetcd.

Patent flats in the window at Chanel in Chicago

black flats with white flower petal detail on toe.

Chanel flats

Steve Madden Retro -

Steve Madden Rettro - cs, originally uploaded by PrincessPoochie.

Steve Madden Retro -

Steve Madden Rettro - cs, originally uploaded by PrincessPoochie.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Goldfish shoe Series -- icon goldfish tops

icon goldfish tops, originally uploaded by carbonated.

From Japan,

Goldfish flats, but you don't see the goldfish when you wear them...

Goldfish Shoes Series - Goldfish in Heel

Goldfish Shoes, originally uploaded by momentimedia.

No goldfish were hurt in the making of these shoes...

They look Doc Marten-ish, but I'm not sure the brand here. But that crazy heel...

goldfish shoes - The Series

goldfish shoes, originally uploaded by misschrissy232000.

Photo note--

OMG only $10.99! ;-)

Toe-tally Tacky - Goldfish Shoes (the Series!)

Toe-tally Tacky, originally uploaded by Su-chan.

Had to share these-- I love the angry fish face...

Photo note:

Toe-tally Tacky
Went to shoe shopping with some friends and came across this pair. By far the tackiest pair of high heels i've ever seen. gold fish with jewels in the mouth??! I had to get my friend to model them for me so I could take a photo. Would you beleive they were "sale" for...$400 dollars?!! (and I thought I'd seen it all in Japan....)

Black & White Checked Vans - Old School! (photo)

My First Vans Shoes!, originally uploaded by Kyota.

Vans - A classic made famous by Spicoli (sp?) (aka Sean Penn) in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Vans off the Wall! Slip on sty

Baker's Black Wedge Shoes - Made in Italy (photo)

Black Wedge Shoe 63, originally uploaded by ratratan_valley.

Strappy wedge shoes...

Stilettos in Neon Colors!

Shoes to Choose, originally uploaded by SnapShotStrawn.

Just a bit of eye candy for the day. I just loved this display

Jimmy Choo Shoe Cake

Tania's Shoe Cake, originally uploaded by 4GoodnessCake!.

Photot note--
by 4 Goodness Cake! Incredible cake ! So Sex in the City and just way too cute!


Made for a polka dot mad friend who was turning 40. I was asked to bring dessert.

This is a chocolate mud cake filled with chocolate ganache, wrapped in pink (white) chocolate with chocolate curls. This went with the Polka dot handbag.

Shoe is made from gumpaste.

Chloe Zebra Stiletto Shoe Cake

Zebra Stiletto Shoe Cake, originally uploaded by Whipped Bakeshop.

CHeck out this purple shoe cake from Whipped Bakeshop!

heels and birthdays... And yes, the shoe is edible. The cake designer handpaints her cake....

amazing birthday cakes!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shoes from Nordstrom Rack

Shoes from Nordstrom Rack, originally uploaded by Super Nina*.

Red ballet style shoes with white bow.

The Best Shoes Ever. by Prada (photo)

The Best Shoes Ever. by Prada, originally uploaded by alchemisty.

Photo note:

Let me tell you. I saw these shoes when they first came out. I was out shopping with my mom for my birthday (a yearly tradition) and we happened upon these in Nordstrom. They were marked at $1053 or something like that.

I clutched them to my chest and talked about how lovely the were--champagne satin, jet beading on all sides, cute little strap, stiletto heel--and then put them back because, really, who in hell is going to pay that? (a person with a lot more money than i have, yes.) but

THEN. two years later i was in a nordstrom clearance store outside of philly looking for shoes to wear with my dress for my sister's wedding. i saw these. i looked at them. there was one pair only, in my size. i couldn't figure out how much they were marked down. i walked to customer service and asked how much they were. the woman told me they were $110. I jumped up and down and up and down and walked straight to the cash register and BOUGHT THE SH*T OUT THESE. no looking back.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

GIRLIE WELLIES - Colorful boots

GIRLIE WELLIES, originally uploaded by MAD MUMMY.

I believe this photo was taken in the UK. Love the colors (or I guess I should say "colours").

Great photo.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Simple Vera - Vera Wang Flats (photo)

new shoes, originally uploaded by ooohsara.

Love these off-gold flats with the amber red gem detail and kind of fringe look. Gorgeous. Woud be great for the bride who wants to do with something less traditional and perhaps a fall wedding.

Vera Wang Wedding heel (photo)

Vera Wang, originally uploaded by TamaraKnits.

Vera Wang N6410 Precious Ivory.

Ivory, off-white, kitten heel wedding show with ribbon around the ankle and delicate floral fabric.

Keywords: Vera Wang Wedding shoes, Vera Wang bridal shoe, Vera Wang bridal heels.

Pink Lacoste Tennis Shoe (photo)

Random 065a, originally uploaded by MKeagel.

Pink & Black Izod sneakers.

Orange & green lacoste shoes

lacoste shoes-160, originally uploaded by

Colorful Lacoste Shoes Tennis Shoes display (photo)

ShoeRama, originally uploaded by paalia.

Great photo @ new Lacoste store (Niederdorf) Zurich.

Lacoste Sneakers (June, 2009)

can't go wrong with the alligator...

locoste tennis shoes in white, preppies...

Kate Spade Fluer Print Mules w/ a kitten heel

I love these shoes... but I also love the photographer's note just as much!

Photo note:

These are the Kate Spade Fleur mule heels that I first fell in love with about five years ago. In May 2001, I spent hours searching for these to wear at my wedding. My wedding dress was off-white and not too fancy so I wanted to liven things up with a cute and fun shoe underneath all that taffeta. Unfortunately, back then these shoes were (1) impossible to find and (2) $300 if you could find them at all. And I refused to pay $300 for a pair of shoes.

So I bought a nice ivory mule at Lord and Taylor and made do. But I never forgot about the Kate Spade shoes. And now they are mine. And I have no where to wear them.

I found these on eBay in May 2005 and was the high bidder at $32.99. Yes, that's right bitches....$33 bucks.

Too bad they did not fit. Size 9 in Kate Spade mules seem to run small.

So I sold them on eBay. For almost $100.

kate spade shoes flats black w/ gold emblem (photo)

kate spade shoes, originally uploaded by nails candy.

Love these black almost ballerina shoes by Kate Spade. Gold loop emblem on the toe.

very stylish!

Green Kate Spade Shoes (photo)

Kate Spade Shoes $36!, originally uploaded by MummaAKAalex.

Such a spring color!

Green kate spade flats with X cross and pointed toe.

Keywords Katespade, Kate_spade_shoes

madonna - versace (photo)

madonna - versace, originally uploaded by sara b. | 2009.

*spring-summer 2005 Versace's ad campaign*

in pink skirt and v-neck cream top.

Keywords: Madonna in versace.

Versace Face Shoes (photo) WOW!

Maybach Reps' Versace Shoes, originally uploaded by punkrockxtian.

This are incredible with the yellow hair, white face and put her feet together and see the full affect.

Incredible Versace cartoon face heels.

Versace Yellow Platform Stiletto (photo)

Versace Green, originally uploaded by Naira Oganesyan.

These are similar to Victoria Beckham's pink Versace heels. Pretty amazing, I'd probably break an ankle in these.

Keywords: Versace heels, shoes


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