Friday, June 19, 2009

Kate Spade Fluer Print Mules w/ a kitten heel

I love these shoes... but I also love the photographer's note just as much!

Photo note:

These are the Kate Spade Fleur mule heels that I first fell in love with about five years ago. In May 2001, I spent hours searching for these to wear at my wedding. My wedding dress was off-white and not too fancy so I wanted to liven things up with a cute and fun shoe underneath all that taffeta. Unfortunately, back then these shoes were (1) impossible to find and (2) $300 if you could find them at all. And I refused to pay $300 for a pair of shoes.

So I bought a nice ivory mule at Lord and Taylor and made do. But I never forgot about the Kate Spade shoes. And now they are mine. And I have no where to wear them.

I found these on eBay in May 2005 and was the high bidder at $32.99. Yes, that's right bitches....$33 bucks.

Too bad they did not fit. Size 9 in Kate Spade mules seem to run small.

So I sold them on eBay. For almost $100.

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