Monday, May 25, 2009

Versace Clogs (photo)

Versace Clogs, originally uploaded by ginparis2002.

415 euros in Paris.

in a mauve dark pink, earth rose?

WIth gold details, charm and studs

Barbie Girl Shoes (photo) in pink & black Zanotti

Barbie Shoes?, originally uploaded by ginparis2002.

Photo note:
Guiseppe Zanotti platform heels. Window shopping in Paris, Champs Elysees.

Versace Gold Dangle Heels (photo)

Versace Gold Dangle Heels, originally uploaded by ginparis2002.

What doesn't kill us, makes us taller...

Photo note:

Wonder Woman would surely wear these!
Versace, Seen in Paris, Champs Elysees

Dangle fringe around heel, stilettos, stilletos, in gold high heel with twist wrap strap up ankle and calves.

Check out the Wedge on these shoes! (photo) Casadei

Moon Walkers?, originally uploaded by ginparis2002.

Casadei Black and Gold Wedge Platforms. 650 euros

Wow, Gold & silver with buckle strap and black sole.

Blue Sparkly Stilettos Gianmarco Lorenzo seen at Biondini in Paris. (photo)

Blue Sparkly heels, originally uploaded by ginparis2002.

Gianmarco Lorenzo seen at Biondini in Paris. A mere 1590 euros.

Crystal rhinestone gem covered blue stilletos with wedge platform in front. Ridiculous high heeled shoe!

but wouldn't you just sparkle (if you didn't break your ankle)

Gold stilettos with rhinestone heel (photo) Paris 2009

Wild Shoes, originally uploaded by ginparis2002.

Gold super high heel with almost a netting on the shoe, open toed from Paris $1025 Euros

Guiseppe Zanotti shoes and purse (photo)

Guiseppe Zanotti, originally uploaded by ginparis2002.

Photo note:

sandals and bag - seen in Paris at Biondini

In blue/green with gem detail on shoe

Suede Sandals $790 Euros Paris (photo)

Suede Sandals, originally uploaded by ginparis2002.

Casadei at Biondini in Paris. 790 euros.

Blue & purple violet suede heels

Black heels with rhinestone wedge from shop in Paris (photo)

Expensive Shoes, originally uploaded by ginparis2002.

Heels in Paris - $1150 euros

Silver heels and the outfit to go with them...if you dare...

Mix & Match, originally uploaded by Fashion Clipping.

Miu Miu silver heels

Shoe Wars: Sara Jessica Parker vs Heidi Montag Balenciaga heel

I think Jessica wears it best.

She's such a fastionista. Love her!

PHoto note:

Balenciaga is known for creating viciously unique and absolutely incredible (albeit expensive) shoes. From ‘Lego’ heels to over-the-knee gladiator sandals, Balenciaga isn’t afraid to push the fashion envelope, and shoedish loves it! These pretty new blue and green color blocked sandals from Balenciaga are yummy for summer

Keywords: Blue strap heels
Balenciaga shoes, Balenciga

Paillette Flat Summer Sandal (photo)

Paillette Flat Sandal, originally uploaded by jmaichang.

Paillette Flat Sandal by Vivre Selection $145

With colorful plastic circles, summer sandals, summer shoes, black with red and yellow.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anne Michelle Fearless87 Gladiator High Heel NATURAL (camel)

Amazing tall leather high heel cut out shoes.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Singer monica in see-through Chanel shoes (photo)

monica chanel shoes, originally uploaded by

See-through Chanel shoes with logo and black ribbon bow, red toenails peek out in this nude peekaboo high heel

Photo note:

Singer Monica shows that the shoes truly do make the look.

keywords; New chanel high heels, not quite stilettos

Crocs in many colors (photo)

garden shoes for sale, originally uploaded by giamarie.

crocs in yellow, green, bloack, red, orange, purple.

Croc display


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