Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Best Shoes Ever. by Prada (photo)

The Best Shoes Ever. by Prada, originally uploaded by alchemisty.

Photo note:

Let me tell you. I saw these shoes when they first came out. I was out shopping with my mom for my birthday (a yearly tradition) and we happened upon these in Nordstrom. They were marked at $1053 or something like that.

I clutched them to my chest and talked about how lovely the were--champagne satin, jet beading on all sides, cute little strap, stiletto heel--and then put them back because, really, who in hell is going to pay that? (a person with a lot more money than i have, yes.) but

THEN. two years later i was in a nordstrom clearance store outside of philly looking for shoes to wear with my dress for my sister's wedding. i saw these. i looked at them. there was one pair only, in my size. i couldn't figure out how much they were marked down. i walked to customer service and asked how much they were. the woman told me they were $110. I jumped up and down and up and down and walked straight to the cash register and BOUGHT THE SH*T OUT THESE. no looking back.

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