Sunday, May 30, 2010

Front view of Manolo Blahnik's Sex & the City Shoe (photo)

Manolos, originally uploaded by Lois Lane74.

Manolo Blahnik royal blue SATC shoe, stiletto heel with jewel pendant on toe. In blue satin.

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Sex in the City shoes (SATC) Manolo Blahnik

THE shoes!!!, originally uploaded by Awesomesauce Studios.

Manolo Blahnik shoes from Sex in the City movie. In royal blue with brooch design on toe in silver.

Will have a couple more of these in a sec...

Photo note:

Yes, these are THE shoes fro the SATC movie... in real life. In person. And they are B-E-A-utiful!!!

Sex in the City cake

Found this in the shoe section. Love the martini on top!

Photo note:

For my wonderful friend and midwife, Larissa!
Thanks to Jacque Benson for allowing me to use her design - I hope I did it justice :)

6" banana cake
8" choc mud
10" white chocolate mud (cake and ganache are pink underneath fondant)

Anise Biker Leather Stiletto sandal jimmy choo (photo)

I love the gems on these!

Huge gems in black and one gold highlight the middle strap down these Jimmy Choo stiletto sandals. Thick ankle strap with gold buckle. Shoe in black.

Keywords: anise-biker-leather-sandal-jimmy-choo, Jimmy Choos

What everyone is wearing...

, originally uploaded by 4me&you.

I have been seeing this style of shoe everywhere lately in similar forms.

Here is the Jimmy Choo stiletto thick-strap heel-boot, with 7 straps and an ankle strap. Also small silver studs around the base.

Keywords: Designer shoes, shoeboot stilettos, shoe-boot stilettos. stilletos, stilettoes, Jimmy Choo shoes, Jimmy Shoe designs

Jimmy Choos black London (photo)

Jimmy Choos, originally uploaded by Lady Martini.

Stiletto Jimmy Choo shoes with small ankle wrap in black.

keywords: jimmychoo, designer shoes, london,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chanel Flap PUrse & Lipstick Cake

Chanel Flap Cake, originally uploaded by Liez's cupcake.

You had me at Chanel...

Lipstick, purse, happy birthday cake. IN a deep pink.

Love it!

Happy Birthday Chanel Shoe Cake

Chanel Shoe Cake, originally uploaded by Liez's cupcake.

Black and purple/mauve.

Chanel box,shoe cake.

cool cake!

Chanel shoes, Paris Red & Yellow Triple strap high heel shoe (photo)

Incredible patent leather in red and yellow and triple strap Chanel high heels with Chanel logo on the heel in gold. The buckles are gold and a black toe. Almost a heel boot look in the back.

Keywords: New Chanel shoes red yellow for spring Paris France

Denim Boot with lace, pearl & rhinestone heel.

, originally uploaded by paris_find.

These are too rhinestone cowgirl for me!

Chanel Loafers and black and white boot...

, originally uploaded by paris_find.

Photo note: Personal shoe designed for Coco Chanel

black and white Paris coco chanel loafer and boots


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