Friday, June 19, 2009

Simple Vera - Vera Wang Flats (photo)

new shoes, originally uploaded by ooohsara.

Love these off-gold flats with the amber red gem detail and kind of fringe look. Gorgeous. Woud be great for the bride who wants to do with something less traditional and perhaps a fall wedding.

Vera Wang Wedding heel (photo)

Vera Wang, originally uploaded by TamaraKnits.

Vera Wang N6410 Precious Ivory.

Ivory, off-white, kitten heel wedding show with ribbon around the ankle and delicate floral fabric.

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Pink Lacoste Tennis Shoe (photo)

Random 065a, originally uploaded by MKeagel.

Pink & Black Izod sneakers.

Orange & green lacoste shoes

lacoste shoes-160, originally uploaded by

Colorful Lacoste Shoes Tennis Shoes display (photo)

ShoeRama, originally uploaded by paalia.

Great photo @ new Lacoste store (Niederdorf) Zurich.

Lacoste Sneakers (June, 2009)

can't go wrong with the alligator...

locoste tennis shoes in white, preppies...

Kate Spade Fluer Print Mules w/ a kitten heel

I love these shoes... but I also love the photographer's note just as much!

Photo note:

These are the Kate Spade Fleur mule heels that I first fell in love with about five years ago. In May 2001, I spent hours searching for these to wear at my wedding. My wedding dress was off-white and not too fancy so I wanted to liven things up with a cute and fun shoe underneath all that taffeta. Unfortunately, back then these shoes were (1) impossible to find and (2) $300 if you could find them at all. And I refused to pay $300 for a pair of shoes.

So I bought a nice ivory mule at Lord and Taylor and made do. But I never forgot about the Kate Spade shoes. And now they are mine. And I have no where to wear them.

I found these on eBay in May 2005 and was the high bidder at $32.99. Yes, that's right bitches....$33 bucks.

Too bad they did not fit. Size 9 in Kate Spade mules seem to run small.

So I sold them on eBay. For almost $100.

kate spade shoes flats black w/ gold emblem (photo)

kate spade shoes, originally uploaded by nails candy.

Love these black almost ballerina shoes by Kate Spade. Gold loop emblem on the toe.

very stylish!

Green Kate Spade Shoes (photo)

Kate Spade Shoes $36!, originally uploaded by MummaAKAalex.

Such a spring color!

Green kate spade flats with X cross and pointed toe.

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madonna - versace (photo)

madonna - versace, originally uploaded by sara b. | 2009.

*spring-summer 2005 Versace's ad campaign*

in pink skirt and v-neck cream top.

Keywords: Madonna in versace.

Versace Face Shoes (photo) WOW!

Maybach Reps' Versace Shoes, originally uploaded by punkrockxtian.

This are incredible with the yellow hair, white face and put her feet together and see the full affect.

Incredible Versace cartoon face heels.

Versace Yellow Platform Stiletto (photo)

Versace Green, originally uploaded by Naira Oganesyan.

These are similar to Victoria Beckham's pink Versace heels. Pretty amazing, I'd probably break an ankle in these.

Keywords: Versace heels, shoes

Versace Shoe Box Cake (photo)

Versace Shoe Box Cake, originally uploaded by EB Cakes.

Check out this fantastic cake!!

Note: My first sugar shoe! Made to match the shoes the birthday girl was wearing at her party.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

rocketbuster boots, el paso, Texas

rocketbuster boots, originally uploaded by roycegs.

Rocketbuster custom designed cowboy books.

This store was on the CBS Sunday Morning Show today.

Very cool!
black and red, white star, longhorn cowgirl cowboy boots,

Rocket buster boots elpaso texas - rocketbuster boots. rocketbuster cowboy boots.


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